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Continuing to Plan for Violeta Correa

Had a fantastic phone meeting last night with our Peru contact regarding our June delivery location in Violeta Correa on the outskirts of Iquitos.  This particular area is extremely poor, having no piped water, but has electricity in limited quantities.  From what I can gather there is some sort of

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Now Accepting On-Line Donations!!!

After over a month of trying to get our on-line donations up and running we are proud to announce that donations can now be accepted via our website!!  Visit our support page for more info:

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Simply Share Jesus

Our goal is to reach lives for Christ and a big part of our outreach is using the EvangeCube to do just that.  This wonderful tool is fantastic for sharing the good news!  Check out a wonderful video here showing the cube and how to use it:

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Team Assembled for June 2011 Trip

We will be joined by a team of 5 to assist with our water deployment this year in Iquitos, Peru.  The team will work to deliver the water filtration devices, educate the locals on good hygiene and sanitation, and deliver the good news of Jesus Christ by working with local

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June 2011 Delivery Location Selected

We have identified a location for our June 2011 delivery.  We will be working with the church of Berea located in the village of Violeta Correa,  just outside Iquitos, Peru.  I’m currently working on getting additional details on the community and I’ll be posting back shortly with our goals for

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Updates From the Field

Pastor David has been revisiting our last summer deployment sites over the past several months and has reported back some very exciting and encouraging news to us. Update One – Sick Boy Regains Health (Praise the Lord!) Email from Pastor David: Steve, This is amazing! I am in Iquitos and

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