2012 Zapote, Guatemala Summary

Clean Water Come to Zapote, Guatemala

Dear Faithful Supporter,

Ehren Steiner and myself just returned from our first water delivery of 2012!  Thanks to you and your support, we were able to deliver 28 filters into the community of Zapote, just outside Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Each family recieved the gift of a personal water filtration system, training on how to use and maintain it, education on basic hygiene and sanitation topics, and a personal delivery of the good news of Jesus Christ!  The week was an incredible success, please read below for some of the weeks highlights.

Hygiene and Sanitation 101

Teaching Locals How to Properly Wash Their Hands Saves Lives!

Did you know that by practicing proper hand washing techniques you can greatly reduce illness and death related to water-borne related diseases? As part of each water filter delivery we provide a basic education on hygiene and sanitation. On Monday evening we held this training at the church ‘Jesus Te Ama’ (Jesus loves you) in Zapote, Guatemala with local families.

We covered topics such as where the bacteria that are making them sick comes from and how to build barriers between them to prevent the spread of diseases. We demonstrated the basics of proper hand washing along with the when and where it should be done. We taught them about proper water storage and the importance of keeping a clean home in order to prevent the cycle of disease.

Supplies Ready for the Families

While elementary to most of us, this basic knowledge is critical to lifting a community out of the clutches of disease and eventually poverty. The training also provides us with a unique opportunity to share Gods love for them. In between the hygiene slides we explained to the group the way to salvation is through Jesus Christ alone and that a true cleaning can only come through the forgiveness of sins offered on the cross.

Clean Water Delivered!

Tuesday evening was water filter delivery day and we had 28 families show up to claim their access to clean healthy water! Earlier in the week we took drinking water samples from several homes to determine the quality of the water. The tests we conducted test for the E. Coli bacteria. Below is the photo of the initial sample, the brownish color is due to the reagent we placed into the water.

When water tests positive for E. Coli it turns black. Below is the sample after 2 days. This was the water that the families were drinking on a regular basis. The need for clean water in this community is dire.

During the training, each family was instructed on how to operate and maintain their new life saving water filtration device. The training was hands on with the recipients having to demonstrate that they knew how to assemble and clean the filters. What an incredible blessing it was to see these families rejoicing in the fact that they now would have access to safe drinking water! At the completion of training each family received the water filter, a clean water storage container, and a bible.

Mrs. Sonia and Her Family Enjoy Clean Water

All recipient information was provided to Pastor Santiago to begin his follow ups in the community. Please pray that the filters will act as a bridge between the church and community allowing Pastor Santiago to disciple and evangelize the community.  View all this past weeks photos on-line by clicking on the 2012 Guatemala photo link on the right-side of this page.

A Small Group is Formed!

Church of Zapote's First Small Group is Formed!

On Tuesday night Ehren mentioned that we need to find some members in the community who have a passion to serve the Lord and help them form a small group to reach the community for Christ.  The next morning Pastor Santiago said he was approached by several members in the community who wanted to do just that!  Ehren asked and God answered, big time!  On Wednesday we met with this group and had our first bible study using the ‘I Am Second’ training material.  The training went great and they are planning on meeting once per week with the intention of sharing Christ with the other community members.  What’s even more amazing is that every age group is represented in this team!  Please pray for this team as they step out in faith to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Closing

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. – Hebrews 6:10

This Family Now Drinks Clean Water Thanks To Your Support!

This is only the beginning friends.  We need your help as we continue to minister in Guatemala, Peru, and beyond.  There is much more work to be done and it’s of the most urgent nature.  A child dies every 15 seconds due to the lack of clean water.  During the time it took you to read this email another 5 children have died somewhere due to a water-borne related disease.  Please consider partnering with us as we bring the hope of Christ one glass of water at a time.  Together, we are making a difference.

May God Bless You


Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs