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This week on the Mission Field we were greatly encouraged by the fruit that the Lord is beginning to bring to bear through the ministries efforts in Iquitos, Peru.  We began in 2010 with a simple dream, which has become our ultimate goal here at TheAnswerIsLove Ministries; to present the love of Jesus in everything we do.  Ministering to the physical needs of those in the most desperate conditions by means of providing access to safe clean drinking water in the household, quickly gave birth to life-saving, focused hygiene and sanitation training amongst those same residents and their communities to help keep them healthy.  This in turn birthed the movement to introduce this training into schools in remote villages, where few are ministering and where children’s lives can be greatly impacted by simply techniques.  The Lord has blessed this effort this year by allowing us access to three elementary schools to share this training, with amazing success, and we recently received word that there is the very real potential that we may have access to many more schools in the neighboring communities soon.  This past week the team was back in the school in the community of 13 de Febrero working with the 4th grade classes for the third installment of our hygiene and sanitation training curriculum.  Yolanda shared that the children are not only retaining much of the training from the prior lessons, but eager to share their knowledge with their classmates.  The director expressed his gratitude for all the team is doing in the school and continues to encourage us to come back!   

But the ultimate expression of the love of God was conveyed in His Son, Jesus Christ, who came to earth as man, lived a perfect sinless live, obediently delivered Himself up to death on a cross to pay for the sins of God’s children, rose on the third day, overcoming the grave and death itself!  Everything we do is centered on gaining the opportunity to present this message of hope and redemption in its fullness.  Working through local churches, we strive to connect the water filter recipients with access to this living hope.  Through the strengthening of existing churches through Biblical literature, financial support and concentrated training sessions, we seek to empower the church to fulfill its mandate of spreading this hope.  By means of planting churches in areas where there is none, we desire to bring access to this unbelievable message.  And by connecting the local schools to the local church, we pray for opportunities to connect the youth of this age with the Hope of all Ages.  This past week we began to see the fulfillment of this.

Working with Pastor Paulo and the church in 13 de Febrero, the team witnessed the first time we were able to successfully connect the classroom with the churchroom!  More than 40 students from the local school, where we conducted our hygiene training, attended a Bible study and worship service at the church, where they heard about the love of God for them and the plan He has for their lives!  The team also took the opportunity to invite each of them, and their families, back for weekend service.  As you can see, everything we do, from clean water to hygiene training, it’s about connecting people back to a local Biblical church where they can hear and grow in their walk with the Lord. 

Along with focusing on the children of this community, we have been working to raise up adult leaders in the church, to cast a vision before them of all God wants not only for them and their church, but for their community and the communities beyond.  This past weekend, Paulo spend another 3 days teaching, preaching, and working with these leaders.  Taking them through discipleship lessons and challenging them to share what they’ve learned with others and to invite those others back to church the following weekend.  It’s a long road, but we are praying that in time God will throw open the doors of heaven and we will see a mighty harvest in this community and beyond!

Dear friends, thank you all for your prayers.  We are just beginning to experience the blessings that the Lord has in store.  We are now beginning to plan our next water delivery and set of Bible training courses for the summer of 2017.   We are also planning a large Christmas outreach in the community of 13 de Febrero in December where we will have the opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas with hundreds of children and their families.  We are seeing new opportunities to minister in new schools and we are continuing to receive powerful testimonies from the field of how our water filters are continuing to change lives years after receiving them!

But we need your help!  We cannot do this without your financial support.  Would you consider supporting us monthly through a gift of as little as $5?  For just $5 you can help us to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of countless souls, SO NONE WILL THIRST.

God bless you

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