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This past week on the mission field Yolanda and Keila taught their first hygiene training course in a new elementary school in the community of Varillal, while Paulo continued ministering the Word of God in the village of 13 de Febrero.  

On November 15 we were granted access to our third elementary school, this one in the community of Varillal, just outside the city of Iquitos.  Teaching on the topics of the contamination cycle, good and bad hygiene habits, and the benefits of drinking clean water, Yolanda and Keila shared with 30 students in the 5th grade class.  Once again, interaction was good and several of the students shared before the class what they had learned.   As an added bonus, all the children were provided with shampoos and handwashing soap so that they can put into practice these new skills!   The team also had an opportunity to share the reason we do what we do, because of what Jesus has done for us!  Pray that these seeds of health will change the trajectory of these little lives and that each one of them will come to know the love of God.  Yolanda will be working to network with other school leaders in December in order to gain access into more schools for the hygiene training classes and Bible studies.  Keep this lifted up in prayer as well. 

Meanwhile, Paulo has been continuing to minister in the community of 13 de Febrero in the old church building.  Below is just one of the stories he shared with me that I wanted to share with you!  Lives are being changed by the grace of our Lord!
“We thanks God for all the work he is doing in 13 de febrero. He is re-establishing and restoring the life of many people. Alsivari and his wife Erika found their 3 months old baby very sick, so they called us to pray for the baby, they were very worried about their baby ,so, we prayed for the baby and we left the baby in the hands of the Lord and He answered our prayer! The next day the baby was completely healthy and Alsivari and his wife received Jesus in their hearts, they have started to serve God and now they want be baptized. Praise God!!!”

On Saturday evening Paulo hosted a discipleship meeting with all the leaders.  According to Paulo, the people of the church have a deep desire to continue learning more and more about the Word of God (Amen!) and are so thankful for the Bibles that we were able to recently provide.  Not only that, but they are growing in their motivation to share the Word of God with the other people in this community!   This is HUGE and is a sign that the Spirit of God is working in their lives.  Please continue to pray that the Spirit will continue to fan the flame in order to ignite an entire community on fire for the glory of the Lord!  In the weeks ahead we will be working on equipping these believers not only to share their faith, but training them on how to make other disciple-making believers!    

Upcoming Events

In the weeks ahead we are sponsoring several events that I wanted to make you aware of so that you can lift us up in prayer.  First, we will be hosting our first “hygiene graduation ceremony” for the elementary children in the school in 13 de Febrero.  On the 3rd of December, we will host these children and their families at the church to present to them certificates for completing the first three hygiene courses.  We will have refreshments for the families and Paulo will have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them all.  We need your prayers for this!  Please mark it on your calendar and join us as we pray for a great harvest. 

Second, we are organizing a Christmas outreach in the community of 13 de Febrero on December 20th.  All the details are not finalized yet, but we intend to bring the real reason for the season to these children and their families!  It will be an opportunity for this little church to minister to its neighbors through the proclamation of the Word of God, small gifts for the children, refreshments, and a variety of other services to minister to the local needs.  We are asking the local church to raise a portion of the funds to support this and to also provide volunteers to help with the setup and breakdown that’s needed, pray that they will see this as an amazing opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel with those in their own backyards. 

Please keep us in your prayers and consider supporting us as we continuing to minister in the name of Jesus, SO NONE WILL THIRST.


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Steve Jurs


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