Iquitos Peru 2015

Orphanage Group Photo Peru 2015

Iquitos Peru 2015


I want to thank all my American friends who donated this filter because now I don’t have to drink contaminated water and me and my family can have better health
– 2014 Filter Recipient

Shop Owner RecipientAbove are the heartwarming words from an Iquitos resident who received her water filter last year. This past July we had the blessing of visiting with her once again to see how her life has changed since receiving the filter. As we sat in her small store, she smiled from ear to ear as she shared how much her water filter has meant to her and her family. They are now free from stomach illnesses and saving money by not having to buy propane to boil their tap water. Before leaving, she expressed her deep heart felt appreciation to all those that made it possible for her family to drink clean water.

This was just one story among the many that we witnessed as we reconnected with families from one year ago. And as we visited with old friends we began making new ones as we delivered another 65 water filters to families in three locations around the city, approaching 400 water filters delivered since 2010.


Leadership Training LunchIn 2014 our Peru mission trip added an additional element to the ministry offered, a teaching component. Leadership training was provided at two churches in the area of discipleship development and small group ministry. One of the churches hosted a Thursday afternoon seminar for about twenty invited pastors that dealt with improving pastoral effectiveness.

This year the teaching component was expanded even as we focused more intentionally on Genesis Church. Genesis leaders specifically requested more teaching on creating and maintaining small group Bible studies both in the community and at the church. They were also interested in help in developing a workable concept of church membership, providing team-building experiences, and in conflict resolution as the need arises. They were able to make some concrete plans to use small group Bible studies to reach people in their new community. They want us back next year to see their progress.

Leadership Training GroupThrough our newest ministry team member, one of our trusted interpreters over the last several years, we were able to set up teaching sessions with two networks of pastors who were new to us. There were a total of 25 pastors in those two groups, spread from the city to the villages. Those sessions included teachings on personal soul care, the pastor and his family, and pastoral effectiveness suggestions. Because we had been able to do personal interviews with about ten of those pastors in advance of the sessions, we learned their greatest need was for training and Bible teaching resources. We were able to introduce them to a new website providing free small group Bible study resources with which they were very excited. “Please come back next year to teach us more,” was their parting request.

“and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” – 2 Timothy 2:2


Group_2015The Lord has commanded us to care for the poor, the fatherless, and the widow. And through the compassion arm of our ministry we are working to do just that. Thanks to your faithful giving, we had the blessing of delivering another 65 water filtration devices into three communities in Iquitos this year. This was our fifth water delivery into the region with nearly 400 water filters delivered to date. While we were only there for ten days, our Peruvian water coordinator, Yolanda, had been busy working months before we arrived coordinating with the church and the families. Along with locating this year’s water filter recipients, Yolanda organized and conducted hygiene training classes with the families before our arrival. These elementary training sessions focus on the most critical items, such as proper handwashing and the contamination cycle.

On delivery day each family received hands-on-training on how to operate and maintain their water filter and the opportunity to ask questions. Information was collected on each family receiving a water filter so that we can connect them with the local church and also so that we can perform our follow-ups throughout the course of the year. Over the next year, each family will be visited at least once to address any questions that they may have and to gather survey data.

Day Seven (Tuesday) 083Each water filter donated provides us with a unique opportunity to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. And this year was no exception. Over the course of our three water deliveries we witnessed more than 20 people make a commitment to follow Jesus! This is the true fruit of this ministry! We prayed over these new believers and provided their contact information to the local church for future discipleship opportunities!

Along with delivering the water filters, we visited with families from the previous year to see how life was going since receiving their water filters. We were incredibly blessed by the results that we saw and heard! Stories of heart-felt gratitude, improved health and cost savings for their families were a common theme. The filters had stood the test of time and were continuing to provide daily clean, safe water, amen!

Visiting the Orphanages and Schools

Day Nine (Thursday) 001During the course or our visit the team had the blessing of being able to minister the word of God in three high schools and a boys and girls home. In the schools we were able to share about topics such as human trafficking and Biblical manhood, topics desperately needed in this area. At the orphanage we were able to enjoy quality time with the children and share the Word of God. Before leaving the girls home we had the blessing of seeing more than 20 girls pray to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! Several ladies from the local church are in the process of organizing a regular Bible study with them!


Day Nine A (Thursday) 017 - CopyThe future is bright! As we look to the future we are overwhelmed at the new opportunities that the Lord is opening for us. Our church leadership training has been so well received by the local churches over the last two years that we will be required to reserve a larger classroom facility to accommodate all those who desire to attend! Along with equipping the leaders, we are also planning on providing additional classroom time to the church laity on topics such as what it means to be a true disciple of Christ.

Concerning clean water, we’ve barely scratched the surface in our efforts to minister through its use in the region. Each new pastor and church that we interact with provides us with a potentially new mission field to deliver clean water and hygiene training. Just across the Itaya River (a tributary of the Amazon) there exists an estimated 60,000 people living in outlying areas with no electricity, water and sanitation. The fields are white unto harvest, my friends. Yolanda is already busy at work preparing to teach the next hygiene and sanitation workshop in the month of September and, soon after this, we will begin organizing families for next year’s water deliveries. And, back here in the States, we are actively working to build partnerships with other churches and organizations with a similar vision that are also working in the region.

The potential for us to minister in the surrounding villages with the Gospel is limitless! But none of this would be possible without you! From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your continued, faithful support as we pursue the vision the Lord has placed in our hearts.


A few photos from this trip

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