Changing Hearts and Habits in the Community of 13 de Febrero

This past week on the mission field Pastor Paulo was once again in the community of 13 de Febrero sharing the Word of Christ.  Arriving on Friday afternoon, Paulo started off the weekend by hosting a small service on the patio of the church.  Nothing like sharing God’s Word on the lawn for all to hear!  Later that evening, Paulo decided to show a Christian film on the church lawn as a ministerial outreach to the community.  The event was well attending, and after the film, Paulo had a captive audience for his message.   Preaching on the text from 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Paulo shared on Christ of the Scriptures.  Be mindful that in an area that has been consistently inundated with bad teaching, it is so essential that we go back to the foundation and preach Christ and Him crucified.  Else, whatever faith they may have will have been built on a foundation that will not withstand the hardships of life nor the judgment of God.  And if you remember, just several months ago there was no one actively ministering the Word of God in this area, now, praise be to God, there is a man of God bringing the Word of God to the people of God every weekend!  Praise Jesus!  Seeds of Gospel truth are being planted all over this community!  Join with me in praying and supporting this work as we seek to see His name lifted high and lives radically changed by the power of the unstoppable Gospel! 

On Saturday afternoon Paulo organized a Bible program for the children with an attendance of around 30 children.  That’s 30 children that got to hear about the love of God and His purpose for their lives!  Later, a church service was held with an around 15 adult and 22 children in attendance, where Paulo preached a message about “The Sin of the idolatry”, based on Exodus  20:4.  Afterward, Paulo shared a discipleship lesson with the leaders of the church, going through the “New Life in Christ” materials we provided earlier.  Early the next morning, Sunday, Paulo had a Bible school class with an attendance of 9 adult and 12 children, where he spoke on the topic of “¿What is salvation?”, based on the text found in John 12:46-47.  Another amazing weekend for Pastor Paulo in the community of 13 de Febrero!

While Paulo was preaching and teaching God’s word in the 13 de Febrero, Yolanda and Kaila were busy sharing God’s love in the elementary school in the same community! This being their second visit to this particular school to teach on the topics of proper hygiene and sanitation, many of the children recalled their learning from the past session and shared with the class!  This is what we have been praying on, that what is being taught is retained!  Praise Jesus!  Working with the 4th and 5th graders, Yolanda and Kaila went through a series of hygiene games to help the children identify good and bad hygiene habits.  Yolanda reports that the training went fantastic and that the kids are beginning to put into practice what has been taught!  This is just the beginning of the work set before Yolanda and Kaila.  There are countless other schools in neighboring villages that we are working on getting into to share the same training.  We are also actively working to set up Bible studies in these schools after hours for the children and their parents! Pray to the Lord that this door will be opened!

Friends, God is moving powerfully in these communities.  The doors are being opened in many schools and communities for us to share the love and Word of Christ!  To do this we need YOUR help!  Please consider praying for our team and supporting us financially as we continue to minister, SO THAT NONE WILL THIRST!

God Bless


Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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