Fruitful Guatemala Trip

TheAnswerIsLove Delivers its First Filter to Guatemala!


First, we would like to give praise to the Lord for keeping his hand upon the team and our gracious hosts  as the team traveled to the community of Zapote, just outside of Guatemala City, to meet with locals to discuss the opportunity to bring clean water and the gospel to our brothers and sisters in that region.  Next, we would like to thank you all for your prayers as we traveled.  And last, but definitely not least, a huge thank you to the INCREDIBLE hospitality we received from Pastor Santiago and Dr. David, and their lovely families, for housing, transporting, and feeding us!  THANK YOU!!

The purpose of our trip was to meet with the locals to discuss the ministry and to determine a location to bring our program in 2012 and beyond.  We believe that this location is the village of Zapote.

Church of Zapote

The local pastor tells us that there are at least 200 people in this general area who can benefit from the clean water.  Dr. Huitz visits this community once a month administering free medical clinics.  He also tells us that the locals here commonly suffer from water borne illnesses that can be corrected by clean water and simple hygiene and sanitation training (a short video with Dr. Huitz will be made available soon).  The doctor has been working in this community for the last two years.

Dr. Huitz

An added benefit is that as the doctor follows up monthly in the community he will be able to relay back to us the medical conditions of the locals, allowing us to get a close up medical perspective as to the impacts of the water filters and the training. 

Improper water storage, as seen above, contributes to the illnesses. Simple education can make a huge impact.

The locals tell us that the current drinking water comes from wells that have been dug directly next to where the sewage facilities are located, leading to contamination of the drinking water.  Most residents in this area cannot afford to purchase bottled water and are forced to drink directly from this source.  We believe that these filters WILL make an impact on the physical health of the local community in this area.

Local wells get water from the nearby polluted lake, shown above.

We were blessed with the opportunity to install our first water filter at the church of Zapote during this visit.  Church members were trained on how to use and maintain the water filtration device.  This filter we be accessible to the congregation and all those who are staying in it’s shelters.  Please pray for a huge physical impact to be made. 

Training the Church of Zapotes on their New Water Filter

As we mentioned above, there are at least 200 people who can benefit from these filters in this area.  That’s 200 people who will have access to clean water, and more importantly, will have access to the Good News of Jesus Christ!  We must never forget that the reason we bring the physical water is that we may have the opportunity to bring the living water, the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Please be in prayer that the hearts of the locals will be ready to receive His Word.

What’s our next step?  We will continue to plan with locals via email and skype to coordinate the date or our first full trip.  We will update you as this progresses.  This is a huge task for us to undertake.  Please, consider supporting us financially as we walk by faith through this new open door.  As we take this effort on and continue to support our brothers and sisters in Peru, we need your prayers and financial support now more than ever. 

God Bless Friends,


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Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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