Leaving for Guatemala City on Wednesday

Greetings Friends,

The time is upon us!  After months of praying and planning the team will be leaving for Guatemala City on Wednesday to meet with local pastors to begin planning for 2012.  Please be in prayer for:

  • Safe travel
  • Health
  • Guidance, Wisdom, and Direction from the Holy Spirit
  • Clarity of Vision to Locals
  • Protection for our families as we travel
  • Locals to be receptive to the vision
  • Holy Spirit to be working on the hearts of the lost
  • The Lord to be honored by all our words, thought, attitudes, and actions as we travel as HIS ambassadors

I’m not sure if Internet access will be available to us, but if it is I will try to post while we are on site, else I’ll send an update upon return. 

Thank you all for your prayers as we travel!  Have a blessed New Year’s!

God Bless,


Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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