Meeting with the School Director in the Community of 13 de Febrero


The team had a great meeting with the director of the elementary school in the community of 13 de Febrero last week (7/7/16)! Thank you for your prayers. This community is roughly 20 miles outside the city of Iquitos, Peru.

The director,129 Jose, graciously welcomed TheAnswerIsLove Ministies into the school with the purpose of beginning our hygiene education classes for the children in the coming weeks.  Yolanda will be leading these teachings with assistance from other team members.  Our goal is to move from within the school walls out into the community in general in the coming months.  The hygiene training, while basic in nature, provides a great value to the community.  Covering topics such as how to properly wash one hands and how to build barriers to prevent illnesses is a good start to great health.  It’s hard to overstate the importance of these classes, basic skills such as proper hand-washing and building germ barriers are critical to lifting families out of the sickness and poverty cycle.

Alongside this, we are also working towards planting a pastor in this community to begin sowing the words of life, truth, and hope. Pray that the Name that is above all names will be proclaimed boldly and that many will come to saving faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Below are some photos from the visit, more information to follow.  God Bless

Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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