Our Mission


Our Mission

To plant, support and strengthen the Church while providing clean drinking water and hygiene education
to people in the third world.

Our Ultimate Goal

To present the love of Jesus.

How Do We Accomplish That?

Working in remote villages, we seek to connect the church to the people.  Sometimes that means planting a trained pastor into an area where there is no church and at other times it means coming alongside an existing church in order to strengthen and support it.  As we work from within to train and equip church leaders and members to reach the community and beyond, we also work within the local village municipalities, such as the school system, to share the importance of health through professional training classes on proper hygiene and sanitation.  Along with sharing this, we also connect the students, parents, and teachers back to our local church where we share the gift of clean water with the community!  The circle is complete!  Now onto the next community to do it again……..simple