Testimonies from the Field!

This week on the mission field Yolanda and Kaila visited with three random families in Iquitos, Peru who received water filters in the past years to check in and find out how everything is going.  When delivering our water filters, along with providing mandatory hands on training on how to use and maintain the filters, we capture the names and addresses of each recipient along with a brief health questionnaire.  This helps us to stay in contact with the families over the course of the years in order to build relationships, address any questions/concerns that may arise, monitor the overall water health of the recipient, and to continue to seek opportunities to share the Word of God.  And this past week the team did exactly that as they met with these families from our last two water deliveries. 

I still vividly remember Ms. Vela.   An elderly small business owner whose quaint store is located on a small backstreet in Iquitos, I personally visited with her last year for her one year follow up.  Greeted with a warm smile and a chair, we sat and listened in the dimly light store as Ms. Vela shared with us how the blessing of a water filter has been benefiting herself, her family and her neighbors since receiving it in 2014.  Not only were they drinking safe water and feeling better, but the money saved from having to constantly buy wood for boiling was an added blessing!  This past week Yolanda and Kaila stopped in one more time to visit with Ms. Vela, two years after receiving her special blessing. 

Would the water filter still be in use?  Would the blessing she received years ago still be continuing to bless her and her family several years later?  These are some of the question that I anticipate answers too as we follow up.  Upon arrival this past week, Yolanda and Kaila were met once again with that same welcoming smile and hospitality that we witnessed the year before.  And after sitting down and sharing greetings, those questions were quickly answered as they could see on a nearby shelf that same good old filter in use years later!  Ms. Vela shared again how that blessing from the Lord, delivered through His saints, continues to provide daily safe water for her and her family!  How encouraged we all were to hear as we rejoiced together in the goodness of the Lord!  For many of us in the States it’s hard to understand the challenges faced by many in the third world when it comes to something as basic as safe water.  Not having access to safe water not only leads to physical sickness, but also financial and mental burdens as already impoverished  families struggle to buy safe water and those that can’t deal with the worries that come with drinking the unsafe water.  By providing access to safe drinking water in the home, families can begin the journey to better health, which means children are in school more, moms and dads can work because they aren’t staying home with sick children as much, and many of those anxieties and worries are lessened.  All thanks to the Lord and YOUR gifts to the ministry!

Several other testimonies were shared this past week, those stories will come soon.  And while not every story we hear is as positive as this one, many are.    And in the ones that are we rejoice together, for me know that one less family is thirsty tonight. 



God Bless


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Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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