Manny and Sarai


This week on the mission field Manny met with Sarai, a nurse in Iquitos who may be joining Yolanda on the field conducting hygiene courses and possibly, in the future, small medical outreaches into the communities.  While this was the first of many meetings to come, it was a promising beginning to what may be a great addition to Yolanda’s team!  Yolanda will be in a training course this week and will also be looking to acquire some of those ministry resources we talked about in the last blog post, keep her in your prayers. 

Manny meets with Sarai in Iquitos

Manny meets with Sarai in Iquitos

Also, we posted a ministry need last week on Facebook regarding a digital camera.  Yolanda’s camera finally succumbed to jungle life after several years and a new one is needed.  As you know, videos and photos from the field are a critical lifeline not only to us as ministry staff, but to all our wonderful donors like you!   We are blessed to report that 90% of this need has been met!  But, if you feel led to contribute to this or any other fund just swing by our donation page at

After several months of seeking and praying, the ministry has decided upon a pastor to begin the work of Gospel proclamation in the new community! Pastor Paulo, with assistance from Pastor Ramiro, will join with us as begin ministering in the community of 13 de Febrero.  This coming Wednesday Paul and Ramiro will be heading out to meet with community leaders to seek their blessing on the work we are about to embark upon.  Please be in prayer for good meetings.  We will have a short bio of Paul soon which we will pass along to you, until them, pray for all these new members of the team as we head out into the mission field. 

Lots going on, stay tuned for photos, videos and more as we move forward on our mission to present the love of Jesus in Word and deed!

God Bless

Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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