This Week on the Mission Field

This week on the mission field Yolanda participated in a hygiene refresher training class in preparation for our upcoming training classes.  The course was held at the Iquitos Health Center.  Yolanda refreshed her knowledge on topics such as the contamination cycle and how to treat drinking water with chlorine for safe consumption.  This is information that Yolanda has extensive previous knowledge with, but it is always of benefit to continue to refresh and to interact with other leaders in the field.  There are several different hygiene and sanitation programs which we use in the process of our trainings.  Some of the materials we use when educating on the topic of proper hygiene are:

Hygiene Improvement Project:

CAWST: Introduction to Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS):

This week we will be finalizing the date for our first hygiene training class in the community of 13 de Febrero.  Please continue to pray for Yolanda as she prepares for this seasons trainings.  More information will be coming shortly, stay tuned!

God Bless!


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Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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