This Week on the Mission Field

This week on the mission field Yolanda was hard at work visiting three local schools in Iquitos in the hopes of gaining an opportunity to teach on the basics of proper hygiene and sanitation.   Friends, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of these training classes.  It is in many cases, literally a matter of life and death.  According to the World Health Organization:

Approximately 1.5 million children die from diarrheal diseases every year. The data clearly show that children cannot be healthy without access to adequate sanitation and a safe water supply. Providing access to sanitation and hygiene interrupts the disease transmission cycle and reduces the incidence of infectious diseases……….. Water-washed diseases, which produce skin and eye infections, are caused by a lack of soap and insufficient water for washing hands and clothes and for personal hygiene. Again, children are particularly vulnerable to these diseases. The main water-washed diseases are scabies, trachoma, typhus, and louse infestation. Trachoma, for example, is an infectious disease that can lead to blindness. Children are often a reservoir for the bacteria that cause trachoma.

Prior to her visits, Yolanda prepared a detailed power point presentation describing her curriculum and her past hygiene training experiences to share with the schools.

Her first stop was at the primary school located in the community of Quistococha.  After sharing her proposal with the principle of the school, she was granted permission to deliver her talks to the more than 90 students in the fifth grade class.  Yolanda plans on dividing her talks into three sessions with 30 children in each session.  The classes will be conducted on Thursday, September 15, please be in prayer for this. The principle also invited us back to teach the sixth grade students in the month of October!  Once they get scheduled we will post more.

Next, Yolanda headed over to the school in the community of Varillal.   After speaking to the principle and walking him through the teachings, he agreed to allow us in to speak with the children in the month of October.  Actually, the 16th of October is the schools anniversary where they will be having many activities for the students.  The principle has requested that we come this day to share on the topics of good hygiene and sanitation techniques.   Before arrival we will have to submit in writing a formal request to the school seeking permission to teach. 

Finally, Yolanda visited the school in the community of Delfines.  Here they requested a formal request to be submitted to the school for their approval.  I will keep you updated on this.

Please, if you haven’t done so yet, please consider sowing a seed of support into this ministry to help us continue to provide these lifesaving teachings to children in and around Iquitos.  Every dollar makes a difference.  While recurring donations are most beneficial, all donations can be made safely and securely by credit card on our website at or to mail by check:

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God Bless You!


Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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