This Week on the Mission Field

This week on the mission field Yolanda and Kaila brought our Hygiene 101 training into the elementary school in the community of Quisto Cocha.  Working with three classes of 5th graders, there were between 65-90 students in total who received the training.  Yolanda and Kaila taught on the basics of the contamination cycle, the water cycle, proper handwashing and general hygiene and sanitation best practices.  Using professional posters, the material was covered via lecture and through hands on activities for the children, such as a handwashing station.  The children, and teachers alike, were attentive and interactive in the sessions.  Following the teachings 3 students went before the class and explained in detail the contamination cycle!  This is huge for it shows that the knowledge we wanted to instill was absorbed by those young minds!  Check out our Facebook page for the video.  Our next training class will be in a few weeks and we are working on getting into more schools in and around Iquitos, please pray as we seek to meet with school officials to share our ministry.


Also on the mission front, in the community of 13 de Febrero, Pastor Paulo was hard at work for the 3rd weekend in a row with the small gathering of believers meeting in the old village churh.  Sharing with the church leaders and layman alike, Pastor Paulo preached the Gospel, talked about the vision of the church, interacted with community residents and hosted a Sunday morning breakfast with the church children!  Seeds are being laid in this community!  Also, as part of our mentoring of Pastor Paulo, Pastor Gene here in the states had his first mentoring session with Paulo on Thursday.  Unfortunately, the lesson had to be cut short due to a bad Skype connection, but it was a good start to our commitment to strengthen the Church by pouring into its leaders.  Speaking of equipping leaders, we are in dire need of Bibles to bring into this community!   Visit our donation page and help us send the gift of God’s Word.  Finally, please continue to pray for the community, its leaders and families, and Pastor Paulo as we continue to minister in Jesus’ name.  We are currently waiting on a more detailed report from Paulo, once we receive it we will be sure to pass those details along as well.


Friends, so much is happening and we are being blessed by the Lord to continue to minister in these and many other ways.  But this work cannot be done alone.  We need your financial support to continue to minister in Jesus’ name in the schools and villages.  We are in need of those who will stand with us monthly as we continue to follow the leading of the Lord.  Can you support us with $50 a month?  What about $10?  Please visit our donation page at for additional details and join with us so that NONE WILL THIRST!


God Bless


Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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