This Week on the Mission Field

In an effort to keep everyone up-to-date with the on goings of the ministry, we are going to be attempting to post a small blurb each week to our blog, which we are calling “This Week on the Mission Field”.  Now I have to warn you, the activities of the ministry broken down to weekly bites are not all that exciting, but they will, I hope, help you to see some of the things we are working towards and encountering on a daily basis.

This week on the mission field was one of continued preparation for the upcoming training sessions in the community of 13 de Febrero.  Yolanda is preparing to order new banners for the training sessions, plus t-shirts for her and Manny to wear when visiting the community.  There are a lot of people out there that prey on those most in need, and so, in an effort to “validate” the ministry when we go into these communities, having ministry identification, shirts, and other paraphernalia that identifies us is a must have to help separate us from those individuals of less than upright intentions.  We are also preparing to meet with another potential member of the team, a nurse in Iquitos who may be helping Yolanda conduct the hygiene training sessions.  We will be having our first meeting with her and the team this week, please pray that the Lord will give wisdom as to whether this is a good move or not.  Potentially, having a nurse on the team could open up some exciting new doors while also providing some much needed assistance for Yolanda.  Our goal is to conduct at least 12 training sessions before year’s end, that’s a lofty goal, but one that is possible.  Manny has been up river this past week assisting another mission team unrelated to us, so not much has been heard from him, keep him and that team in your prayers.

Well, that’s it for this week’s blurb. Be blessed and see you next week!

Steve Jurs

Steve Jurs


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